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Hosting and Domain Names

Hosting and Domain Names

What are web hosting and domains? The best way to describe it: Your domain name is your address, the web hosting is the house. You need both. You may already have purchased your own domain name. If not, we can advise on where to purchasing a domain name and a hosting solution. We can help you with this, purchasing the correct URL and then ensuring you have the best hosting package.

You will receive technical support which is reliable, speedy and friendly. All AWD clients are on a private virtual server, which is NOT shared hosting.

This means your site is not hosted with thousands of other sites on the same server; no sites containing illicit content, sites which go over the bandwidth and where there’s a competition with other sites for speed.

We are one big, happy family !!

Standard - $10.99/month
Ideal for 1 page, Personal, Small Business websites

Data Transfer: 500MB
Bandwidth: 2GB
Email Accounts: 3
Email List: 1
MySQL: 1
FTP: 1

Business - $14.99/month
Ideal for larger HTML websites, small CMS websites, Mobile websites

Data Transfer: 2GB
Bandwidth: 3GB
Email Accounts: 5
Email List: 1
MySQL: 2
FTP: 2
Sub-Domain: 3
Parked Domain: 1
Add-On Domain: 1

Enterprise - $19.99/month
Ideal for large CMS websites, Full Ecommerce websites, Bespoke websites

Data Transfer: 3GB
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Email Accounts: 20
Email List: 2
MySQL: 5
FTP: 4
Sub-Domain: 5
Parked Domain: 2
Add-On Domain: 2

Overuse Charges:
If an account exceeds its allocated traffic allowance in any month, Anita’s Web Design reserves the right to charge the fees indicated below over the allocated amount. I recommend a plan upgrade if your account goes over limit.

  • Additional bandwidth is charged at $5 per GB (calculated monthly)
  • Additional disk space may be purchased for $10 per GB per month.

Domain Names

I can assist you in choosing a name that will help customers find your website more easily.

Of course, you are welcome to handle the purchase of your domain name yourself. I highly recommend Godaddy for the domain registrar.

If you are hosting with me, please make sure that your name servers are set to:


If you’re not sure how to do this, please contact me with your Customer ID# or username and password and I can assist you with this.

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