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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is your business being socially active with your customer base using a web 2.0 interface such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and blogging platforms. It allows you to tell your customers about your business, future plans and buying specials. You become one with your customers and in return your customers will buy your products or services. You also build your company’s reputation as a leader in the field. People will grow to love you and trust you.

A survey conducted by 6S Marketing, concluded:

. 70% of Canadians say they use social media.
. Facebook is the most popular social networking site with 70% of people surveyed currently having an account.
. 47% of Canadians use Twitter and the majority of users are 19 – 25 years of age.
. Only 20% of people surveyed currently use MySpace.
. YouTube & Flickr are the most popular social media sites with 38% & 29% (respectively) of people surveyed using the sites.
. 42% of Canadians do not blog, while 58% do blog.
. 74% of people who blog, do so for personal purposes, 57% blog for work and 35% blog for both.
. 9% of people surveyed have hired an employee online and 22% have received a job offer online. 69% have done neither.
. 61% of businesses said they track what people are saying about their brand online.

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